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Your next film deserves a beautiful score.

Orignal music that embodies the emotion and vision of your project from classically trained Dublin-based composer Linda Mc Gann.

Capture your film's tone with music that beautifully expresses the mood.

Get your score exactly when you need it, even if the deadline is tight.

No musical vocab required; communicate with Linda using everyday language.

Listen to samples of Linda's work

It’s a daunting decision who to select as your composer.

And it’s a decision that, too often, is made under immense pressure. I don’t need to tell you that a filmscore can either elevate and enhance your story, or it can completely ruin the ambience. So let’s get this right.

With me, you’ll be able to communicate in everyday language, from one creative to another, as you express the feeling, mood, and style of your work. I’ll give my all to compose a score that captures and supports the essence of your work.


When you put so much of your heart and creativity into your filmmaking, you deserve for every element, every detail, and every note of music to be completely aligned with your vision.

Growing up in a musical family, i’ve never known a life without music. It was natural for me to make a career of it, which has now lasted more than 30 years.

After studying filmscoring and composition at Berklee College of Music in Boston, I worked alongside Emmy-winning composer Joel Goodman in New York to compose music for television and film.

As a professional pianist, organist and keyboardist, I’ve toured around the world and composed many acclaimed musical scores.

My goal is for you to experience the thrill of sharing your work with an audience while feeling confident that not only every frame but also every note is exquisitely right.


Choosing a composer for your film is a big decision. I want to put your mind at ease when it comes to a few things you may be wondering….

I’m not a musical person. Will it be easy to communicate with Linda?
Yes. You don’t need to have a music degree or specialised vocab to speak to me. I understand the language of film and we can chat, creative-to-creative, as we discuss the emotions, mood, and style of your vision.

I’m up against a deadline. Will my score be delivered on time?
Yes. I’m used to working on a tight deadline. Your project will be my priority and total focus so your score will be ready when you need it.

Are there samples I can listen to?
I have a range of sample material I’d love for you to explore. Click here to view them.

Will my funding cover this?
I’m aware how far a film budget must stretch, and, in most cases, I’ll be able to work within the construction of the available funding. Don’t hesitate to reach out for a chat and we can talk about what’s possible.

You should never have to settle for music you don’t absolutely love.

Talk to me.

Let’s compose a score for your next film that beautifully embodies your vision.