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Epiphany (How I sailed into a new year)

Epiphany (How I sailed into a new year)

After taking some much needed time away from my every day life i.e. not have to watch the clock, not have to worry about your next job or wonder what you are having for dinner that day…. Don’t get me wrong i love my life but it was time for a long overdue Holiday. I needed to recharge and reflect on the good stuff i.e me, family, fun, relaxation and not forgetting the food and beer 🙂

The world is a beautiful place, travelling reminded me of how lucky we are to live on this earth. I travelled to the most beautiful of places, Rome, Florence, Cannes, Mijas, Madeira, then I sailed across the Atlantic to New York.
My heart filled with immense gratitude, beauty and awe at how much life has to offer.

Every country presented a new smell, a taste of its own ingredients, uniqueness and culture. Although it was November into December the weather in Europe was similar to Ireland but with less rain and time had no relevance. Autumn leaves rustled as we walked in Florence, the dark evenings didn’t infringe on our Pina coladas or expresso martinis in Cannes nor the heavy down pour as we shopped for hours in Barcelona.

I am not a great fan of the cold and would never have contemplated entering an Ice Bar but i was outnumbered in the vote so I went along anyway, requesting a hot whiskey afterwards 🙂

Crossing the Atlantic Ocean and looking up into the clear night the stars felt like they were dancing in the sky.These are the very stars i see when i look up from my home in Dublin, I may not see them dancing as much because i don’t take time out to see their beauty and not forgetting my back garden does not sway as the ship did.

It has been 20 years since i lived in New York. I came home just after 9/11 and for me sailing along the Hudson approaching New York for the first time since 2001 felt like I was coming home for a visit. I felt excited and energised as i saw the skyline and hearing the hustle and bustle of the traffic and sirens sounding gave me a sense of melancholy and somewhat peace. New York for me has not changed, it holds a very special place in my heart and will always feel like my second home.

Our nights were filled with fun and laughter, i was surrounded by wonderful family, we share fabulous memories forever.

My Epiphany.