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I can’t seem to find my bubblegum pop!

I can’t seem to find my bubblegum pop!

I can’t seem to find my bubblegum pop?
….. and i don’t mean chewing gum.

This week my goal is to write a catchy and upbeat pop song for music licensing i.e. bubblegum pop music and i seem to be waiting on my inspiration!…..I have resigned myself to believe the more i force or will  ‘inspiration’  the further it goes away.

I have no rush of ideas, I am looking at my computer screen at a blank canvas, uninspired.

When my frustration subsided i began to turn it around in my head as to why we should wait for inspiration to spontaneously present itself, ( I could be waiting a long time).

I have musical intelligence and i can create musical ideas on the spot, which brings me to my light bulb moment!

Our ideas whether they come from inspiration or calculated musical efforts are the same thing, ideas that need to be expanded into a working piece of music.You don’t have to be inspired every time you sit down to write a piece of music,  you can create your music from musical ideas feeling totally uninspired.

Inspiration doesn’t create music, music creates inspiration and inspiration comes from the composition itself generating more ideas and growing musically throughout the process.
Starting again with a different mindset i will get my bubblegum pop going as my ideas come together and inspiration is generated, quite an exciting thought!

to be continued………….