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You are what you listen to!

You are what you listen to!

Listening to music can reflect the ’YOU’ in that moment.

There are certain artists i really love to listen to because their music defines something in me that connects through their music.

Driving along the Dublin coast and listening to one of my favourite soundtracks by Hans Zimmer, his music filters the environment around me and i see colour through his music.

Supertramp, great band, their rhythms and harmonies make me want to sing along to their tunes and i feel good.

In my teenage years i just loved listening to Madonna, her charisma and driving force in some of her songs brought out my energy and made me want to dance.

Some of my favourite musicians have influenced my taste in fashion and mannerisms. ( i got into trouble with my dad at one stage for wearing bright red lipstick and massive high heel shoes with leggings and fishnet tights), needles to say i never got passed the front door!…

As we change over time our taste in music changes too and we become more aware of how a certain style will influence our thoughts.

Notes can trigger feelings and tones can take on their own textures and meanings, this is where the emotion lies and how we’re feeling. We are only hearing where we are in our lives in the present moment, thinking about ourselves and how the music makes us feel.

Sometimes it can be difficult to listen to new music as we tend to hold onto old styles and cut ourselves off from actually moving forward.

Eventually we move past our own ideas and expectations and discover a new ‘YOU’ in that moment.